How A Towing Company Can Offer You More Than Just A Tow

How A Towing Company Can Offer You More Than Just A Tow

You do not need to sign up with an auto club in order to benefit from towing services. Most people think this is the case, which is why they are hesitant to call for roadside assistance when they run into car trouble while on the road. Fortunately, towing companies also offer other services aside from towing your car such as helping to retrieve keys from a locked car, helping to fix various roadside issues, helping you change a flat tire, jump-starting your car battery, or even bringing you gas. Hiring Unlimited Recovery Services can offer you plenty of benefits. You will not need to walk for miles in order to find the nearest gas station if you are stranded by the roadside because your gas tank is on empty. If you call for roadside assistance, you will not have to push your car to safety when you are in the middle of nowhere. You should have a few contacts available for towing services because you can run into car trouble at any time.

Unlimited Recovery Services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week because you can never be sure of the day or time when car trouble will come calling. You might be driving home on the road past midnight and your car could grind to a halt for no reason. Professional towing services will have someone drive to your location at any time of the day to help with your problem be it a lockout or a flat tire.

Attempting to push your car to the nearest garage by yourself so it can be fixed could end up damaging your car even further. You could also cause more damage if you put a contraption on your car to tow it to a safer location yet you have no idea what you are doing. Licensed Raleigh tow truck services will have the proper equipment for the job to make sure your car does not incur further damage owing to inappropriate handling.

When your car stalls suddenly, your obvious first reaction will be a feeling of helplessness and panic especially if you are stranded in a place with no garage or gas station nearby. Calling for professional roadside assistance services will help to relieve your worries regarding where to take your vehicle for repairs. Expert tow truck drivers will know just where to go and what to do allowing you to rest assured that your vehicle is in the right hands.

It is also safer to call Unlimited Recovery services because you will avoid risking your life and you also end up protecting your car. Unlimited Recovery company staff has all the necessary equipment to complete the job efficiently and quickly. You will not need to worry about causing damage to anyone else or making mistakes that can result in injury all for the sake of trying to save some money.


How A Towing Company Can Offer You More Than Just A Tow

Why You Need Someone Patrolling Your Parking Lot

Why You Need Someone Patrolling Your Parking Lot

If you own space in a parking lot or if you own and manage a parking lot, it is important to have patrol ensuring that all is working as it should. While most parking lots have surveillance cameras that monitor the movement of vehicles and people, these cameras are limited in that they serve to help you see what is happening but cannot tell you much about the people parking there.

There are many benefits to having someone patrol your parking lot if you hope to exercise good parking lot management.

  1. Cost of Business

If you have non-customers parking in your lot, then you risk losing business because if your client or potential client comes to your business premises and finds the parking lot full, they might be tempted to go elsewhere for the products and or services they are looking for. Let’s face it, no matter how clearly and appropriately you mark your parking space, some people can’t help but try and take advantage. Having someone patrolling will ensure that only your clients park in the designated area.

  1. Security concerns

While cameras are great for surveillance, they cannot see everything and everywhere. Unscrupulous individuals will take time to figure out the cameras’ blind spots and get into mischief. You cannot risk having your client’s cars broken into or worse still stolen and therefore having some patrol the parking lot at all times is imperative for security.

  1. Illegal parking

I cannot count the number of times I’ve spotted cars illegally parked in loading zones, handicap parking spots, name it. Some people can’t resist breaking their rules and when they do, it could cost you a lot. Suppose you run a business that expects deliveries at a certain time but you are unable to offload what is needed because the loading zone is occupied. Or if you have a handicapped client who can’t find a parking spot because some inconsiderate individual parked in one of the few spots set aside for the handicap. If in such situations you have someone patrolling the parking lot, they will ensure no cars are parked where they shouldn’t be and if they do, then they can quickly resolve the situation by calling a towing company to remove the vehicles.

Now that you know you need someone to patrol your parking lot, why not work with the best? Unlimited Recovery is a company that offers parking lot management services that include illegal parking management. They will remove any and all illegally parked vehicles which are parked in No parking zones, in a fire lane, in a reserved company parking. They move the cars non-consensually but not illegally.

They also monitor parking spaces in shopping centers, apartment buildings, business parking spaces and off-street parking lots. This way the people intended to use those parking lots can do so without any inconveniences.

Hiring them means your parking lot stays clear and friendly to users, and you get peace of mind for not having to deal with the drama behind the scene. Get more information on how to hire them from their site





Why You Need Someone Patrolling Your Parking Lot

What Kind Of Tow Truck Do I Need?

Unlimited Recovery tow trucksIn most instances, hiring the services of a towing company is often the last resort and is not always a planned agenda. Despite this, vehicles can suddenly break down at any time and when that happens, hiring a towing company becomes inevitable.

What many do not also know is that towing a vehicle is a complicated process that requires using the appropriate tow. Towing trucks have specific designs, and each of them comes with their particular uses and benefits. It is therefore crucial that you know which type suits your needs so that you do not end up wasting your time, efforts and money.

Types Of Towing Vehicles And Their Uses

Flatbed Tow Trucks – this tow truck works using a hydraulic system. It is usually long and empty at the back. The hydraulic system makes it easy to drive a vehicle up an inclined plane, or if broken down, it can be pulled up quickly. Flatbed tow trucks are most suitable for vehicles that developed a fault on the roadside or with cars that have been in an accident.

Hook And Chain Tow Trucks – this one can be used to tow all kinds of cargo. A hook is attached to the vehicle, and it is lifted off the ground such that two of its wheel remains on the ground. Hook and chain tow trucks can apply a lot of pressure on the towed vehicle, and this sometimes results in further damage. All-wheel drive and 4X4 cars/trucks cannot be pulled using this type of truck. It is best suited for a wrecked car.

Integrated Tow Trucks – this tow truck is specially built for heavy-duty purposes. It is used to transport rigs or buses, with its extra axles producing stability and strength.

Wheel Lift – its setup consists of a metal yoke that is placed under the rear or front wheels of a vehicle(depending on which wheels are the drive wheels). It lifts the automobile without place stress on the bumper. It is very cheap, and the weight of the yoke on the vehicle is evenly distributed. It is suitable for towing coaches, caravans, motorhomes, trucks, etc.

Knowing the tow trucks listed above are quite essential and will guide our decisions in those moments when our vehicles break down unexpectedly.

When calling for a towing service, be prepared to tell the company the type of vehicle and the condition of the vehicle being towed. With that information, the towing service will send the proper equipment to get the job done.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393.

What Kind Of Tow Truck Do I Need?

Stuck in the Snow? 5 Things To Try Before Calling A Towing Service

Unlimited Recovery and Towing emergency roadside towingIt is not unusual at all to call a roadside emergency towing service when your car gets stuck in the snow, but depending on the weather there may be a long wait for help to arrive. Still, with a little bit of imagination and manual effort, a car can sometimes get unstuck without professional assistance. Here are five things to try before calling for professional towing help. However, it is  strongly recommended to call roadside emergency towing if the car has met with an accident or is off the road in a ditch.

Rock the Car

You should straighten the wheels and start the engine. Using a low gear, drive forward. Then reverse and back the car up a bit. Again, move forward and then back.  This back-and-forth motion (rocking) can tamp down loose snow causing the tires to gain traction.  Continue this several times until you feel the tires grip. However, if the tires just spin (you’ll hear it), stop this method.  Spinning tires will only make the situation worse.


If you can find a couple of people to help, you can try pushing the vehicle. Be sure to start pushing the car and applying gas at the same time (like on the count of three). Again, using a low gear, apply the gas gently, so movement is slow and smooth. Also, be extra cautious about the safety of the pushers.

Chain Up the Wheels

If you have snow chains, this is the time to use them. In fact, the application of snow chains can get your vehicle out in most of the cases.   If you don’t know what snow chains are, you probably live in the South so just move onto the next suggestion.

Add Some Traction

Sprinkle some sand in front of the tires to add traction.  If you don’t have access to sand, any of these items can also be used to help with traction:  kitty litter, newspapers, cardboard or car floor mats.

Reduce the Air Pressure

Try letting some air out of your tires. This move will increase the surface area of the tire in contact with the ground to create additional traction and may help a bit to move the car.  Don’t let out too much; you don’t want a flat tire.

If none of the above tricks work, it’s time to call the nearest roadside emergency towing service.  Call Unlimited Recovery and Towing at 919-790-9393.

Stuck in the Snow? 5 Things To Try Before Calling A Towing Service

Times to Go Ahead and Just Pull Your Car Over

Unlimited Recovery roadside emergency towingThe last thing that any driver wants is to have something go wrong with their car while they’re driving, but it’s an issue that does happen. While a smoking engine will mean that you have no choice but to pull over, that isn’t the only issue that should make you think about stopping your car. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of those problems, so that next time you’re on the road, and you notice one of the following, you’ll know it’s time to pull over and call roadside emergency towing.

When Your Check Engine Light Starts Flashing

When your check engine light comes on, you need to pull over to find out what’s wrong- it’s as simple as that. Many of us are guilty of just ignoring the light, but it’s there for a reason. Sure, it could be a tiny issue like a loose gas cap coming off, but even then, it’s a problem that needs to be resolved before it’s safe for you to drive.

When You Notice a Change in Handling

Most drivers get to know how their vehicle handles exceptionally well, so you’ll almost certainly notice even the slightest change. If your steering wheel starts to feel different, or if it starts shaking, then your best bet is to stop the car and see if something’s up. A change in handling can be caused by the road surface conditions, but it could also point to a serious problem, like a flat tire or loose wheel. If that’s the case, then you’ll need roadside emergency towing.

When You Hear a Loud Noise From Under the Hood

If you suddenly hear a loud noise that seems to come from your car while driving, then it’s best to be on the safe side and pull over. It might well be that you’ve driven over some trash on the road, but it could just as easily point toward a serious issue with your engine. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to pull over at the side of the road, pop the hood open, and check if there’s anything amiss. If there is, then don’t carry on driving with a defect in your car- instead, call the experts to bring your car in for a service.

When in need of roadside emergency towing, contact Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393.

Times to Go Ahead and Just Pull Your Car Over

I’m Going To Tow My Own Car – Not

Unlimited Recovery and Towing car towingIf you ever have a breakdown or have an accident, the idea of not using a car towing service might pop into your head.  While it may sound like a good idea at first, it probably isn’t.  Towing a vehicle using a ball hitch is unsafe and could cause injury to yourself or others.

Here are four reasons you don’t want to tow a car using another car.

Vehicle Towing Capability

Every vehicle has an amount of weight it can pull without issue.  Many people who have trailer hitches assume that they can tow a car, but that isn’t necessarily true.  A variety of incidents can occur when you pull something more massive than your car’s tow vehicle rating.  Too much weight on the tires can result in blowouts.  Going up a hill can result in an overheated transmission. Too much pressure on the frame can result in a broken suspension, and when you need to stop your brakes may not be able to handle the additional load.

Legality of Self Towing

Many states require towing companies to get licenses and insurance to be able to operate.  You don’t have any of that.  In addition to that, towing in many states requires safety chains, proper tail lighting, and sometimes warning lights.  Visibility requirements might also be spelled out in the law and towing a car might violate that.

Braking System

Tow trucks are specifically designed to have exceptional braking capabilities due to the extra load they are pulling.  Your car isn’t designed or equipped with that.  Without the enhanced braking system you may be unable to stop, or the car you are towing could collide with you.  Having a proper braking system while pulling is essential.

Liability for Car Towing

When you are towing a car, you are responsible for everything that happens.  If you damage someone else’s car,  you may be found at fault.  In addition to that, many insurance companies will not cover liability when towing a car is done by anything other than a professional service.  You don’t want to end up footing the bill.

Instead of using your car to tow a car, start by calling your insurance company.  Some insurance plans include car towing service, as does AAA.  If that fails, call a recovery company such as Unlimited Recovery.  They can help you get your car where it needs to go, in one piece at a reasonable price.  Call 919-790-9393.

I’m Going To Tow My Own Car – Not

How to Choose a Heavy Duty Towing Company

Unlimited Recovery heavy duty towingHave you ever found yourself with a truck emergency where your vehicle needs towing and several attempts to reach a towing company proved unsuccessful? Imagine how frustrating this situation could be. Whether you have been in this situation or not, it’s just apparent that you need to know the right measures in choosing a heavy duty towing company to put things right in case of road emergencies.

The following points highlight how you can effectively choose a heavy duty towing company for efficient service delivery when needed:


This step is the first measure to put in place when choosing a heavy duty towing company. Read about their reliability and customer service by checking reviews of customers that have used the company.  Reviews can be found on the company’s website or on independent retail review websites such as YELP or Angie’s List.  This way, you see if there are any repeated problems with their service (particularly if any cars have been damaged while being towed).  You can also see if the majority of their customers were pleased or disappointed with their service and personnel.


Find out the cost of hiring the company, make sure you go for a company with fair prices that you can afford. This way, you know you can always pay the operator in emergency road situations. Find out the paying methods accepted.


Find out if they have the proper equipment that guarantees job success. This information will ensure that you won’t be disappointed when you need them in an emergency road situation that involves towing. Check what type of equipment they use.  Do they use hook and chain, wheel lift or flatbed trucks? A flatbed truck is one of the safest as the entire vehicle is lifted onto the towing truck, but these can’t be used for larger vehicles like trucks and RVs.


Additionally, you should know if the company’s staff are well-trained operators. You want professional operators that can handle the towing of your vehicle amidst other technicalities.  For instance, are they trained that some trucks are pulled from the front and others from the back?

Investigating a heavy duty towing service ahead of time will give you peace of mind if a roadside emergency happens.  You will know who to call and that their service will meet your needs.

Are you looking to hire one of the best companies for heavy duty towing? Check out Unlimited Recovery for the best heavy duty towing service in the Raleigh, NC area.  Call 919-790-9393.

How to Choose a Heavy Duty Towing Company