Electric Cars VS Gas Cars

Electric Cars VS Gas Cars

With so much talk and controversy going on now about gas VS electric cars, we figured we’d share some of our insight with y’all! The advancement in technology is slowly earning electric cars more and more of the market share. A lot of people just haven’t been exposed to much good information, so it’s harder to make a good informed purchase. By understanding their differences, you will be able to make the right choice to suit your needs. Times are changing and with many advocating for going green, they are embracing new technology. Below is a comparison of the two types of vehicles.

Performance and Maintenance

When comparing gasoline cars to their electric counterparts, electric vehicles are easier to maintain and they require very little maintenance. Internal combustion engines are high maintenance considering that it comes with several systems that come into contact with emissions and dirt. You truly hardly ever need to even have an electric car checked out, while gasoline powered cars are a lot more sensitive and need to be maintained regularly.

In regards to performance, driving an electric car is more exciting depending on how you look at it. First, it starts up fast and react fast even when in motion. If you are looking for a more responsive car with good torque between these types of vehicles, the electric car comes with greater advantages. No gasoline cars can really compete with the equivalent electric when it comes to sheer torque, acceleration, or overall speed. Electric motors are just far better for all of those things.


Many people are advocating for the reduction of gas-powered vehicles because of the amount of pollution they put out. Electric cars do not produce any tailpipe emissions and getting electricity is a much cleaner and eco-friendly process than fossil fuels. This translates to less pollution in the environment, which is a good thing for all parties involved.

The rechargeable batteries also mean that they do not come with a number of other pollutions such as noise pollution. Gasoline vehicles can be extremely noisy at times, especially when it comes to larger engines. Diesel is the noisiest and while some manufacturers are looking to reduce as much noise from their vehicles, it’ll never be on the same playing field as electric cars already are. In the past they have had to add regulations to make electric vehicles louder because people couldn’t hear them at all and we’re getting run over while crossing the street!

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of a car refers to the amount of energy your car converts into actual energy to power your wheels. Electric cars batteries are more energy efficient with the ability to convert more than 50 percent of energy into motion. On the other hand, gas powered vehicles can convert about twenty percent of energy into motion.

This aspect goes a long way into making you feel like you are getting much more value to the same amount of energy. It is getting your money’s worth when spending on energy refills.  However, it is important to note that electric cars take more time to “refuel” with some taking hours to fully recharge its battery. Again it all just comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

Travel Distance

Looking at statistics, you can maneuver and pull stunts with your electric car, but you will not cover more distance as compared to gasoline cars. They are designed to act as luxury cars so far and not the heavy-duty long distance type of car. Even the highest end electric cars now can only go 300-350 miles on a charge. That’s by no means something so scoff at

Looking at the benefits and challenges of the two types of vehicles, it is evident that the future is going electric. It has the ability to save the environment, has a better response, and it provides better performance. While they may cost more in the market, they are definitely worth it. It seems that in the very near future electric cars will be the new norm, and that means prices will go down and your options will increase in a reasonable amount of time!

One thing that’s always true regardless of car is you never know when you’re going to get stuck somewhere and need a tow, whether your battery has died or you’ve run out of gas. Unlimited Recovery is here for all of your towing service needs. Contact us now if you need help!

Electric Cars VS Gas Cars

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