Roadside Emergency – What Do You Do?

What To Do In Case Of A Roadside Emergency

In the event of a roadside breakdown, how prepared are you to keep you and your family safe? When a roadside emergency occurs, especially at wee hours of the morning and you don’t know what to do about it, it is easy for tension and confusion to overwhelm you. But as a keen driver, you should be ready to deal with emergencies at all times. Always be ready for the thing you least expect to happen.

When driving, your car battery may die or you get on a flat tire. These issues are all too common. At times, severe weather or any other emergency could force you off the road. Do not panic when a roadside emergency catches you off-guard. Here’s what you need to do.

Equip Yourself Properly With Safety Gear

There are some essential needs that must always be in your car every time you are driving. A fully functional first aid kit is a must-have thing for your car. You should always carry some water bottles to help quench your thirst, wash oil off your hands or pour into your car radiator in case it overheats. You need a heavy-duty waterproof flashlight to make nighttime car breakdown less terrifying, that’ll give you a massive confidence boost.

Always have a spare tire and tool kit with you to help in case of a tire burst or flat tire. Carry with you some emergency flare, gloves, jumper cables, paper towel and of course some snacks to keep you going before help comes. A lot of people don’t know how to change a tire and there is no excuse for that, you can learn how in literally just a few minutes from one Youtube video.

What You Need To Do In The Event Of A Roadside Breakdown

Roadside tire changeThe first thing you need to do when a roadside emergency occurs is to pull off the road. Do not stop on a dangerous place like on a blind curve. Slow down gradually and put your turn signals or emergency flashers on for other drivers to know you are pulling off. After stopping on the other side of the road, immediately call for help. For towing Raleigh NC, call Unlimited Recovery and you will get help sooner than you expect. Now start checking out your car, check if your radiator is overheating and spray a coolant (or water) to avoid burning.

If the roadside emergency occurred at night or during a bad weather, ensure that your low-beam headlights are on. If your car suddenly stops on an active lane on the highway, put your hazard lights on immediately. Stay inside the car and fasten your belt for your safety in case another car collides with yours. Only exit the vehicle if you can clearly see the oncoming traffic and know that you’re safe. Then, wait behind the guardrails. During winter, ensure that your car windows and doors are locked to maintain ambient warmth of the car and protect yourself from catching hypothermia.

Looking For Towing And Recovery Assistance?

Finding a company that offers 24/7 emergency /roadside assistance is the best thing ever. Knowing that you can count on them offers you a whole new level of security.

If you are stuck in a roadside emergency and you don’t know what to do next, call Unlimited Recovery Now. Our highly experienced team of professionals will arrive on sight within the shortest time possible. Make Unlimited Recovery your partner for your towing in and all around Raleigh NC.

Roadside Emergency – What Do You Do?

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