What Should You Do In a Roadside Emergency?

Unlimited Recovery – You’re Stuck In A Roadside Emergency roadside towing serviceSituation, What Do You Do?

No one expects to be stuck in a roadside emergency situation. This can happen any time anywhere no matter how well maintained your car is – though car maintenance is a very important factor. To avoid getting overwhelmed and scared by the experience, you need to know what to do before you experience that flat tire or dead battery that might leave you stranded and put you in danger and you are left with no option but to call for an emergency towing service! 

Carry Safety Gear

Every driver needs to carry a roadside emergency bag to help in case of any emergency situation that may arise. Pack essential items like air pump and jumper cables and be sure you have them at all times. Such gear can help you get your car back on track after a minor accident. You also need to carry stuff to help you stay comfortable when stuck on a cool or warm night. Put at least a blanket, a torch and a bottle of clean water in your roadside emergency bag.

Pull Your Car To The Side Of The RoadUnlimited Recovery and Towing towing

You need to pull over to a safe location then call for an emergency towing. In case of an accident or roadside breakdown, you need to take into consideration the safety of other drivers! If your car can start, pull over to the side of the road. If your car can’t start, call your roadside serviceto help you get to a safer location then start working on your vehicle.

Alert Everyone That You’re Pulled Over

After pulling over to that safe location, you should then make other drivers aware of your presence. You do this by increasing your visibility by setting up your flares or putting on your hazards while you wait.

Call For Emergency Help

Towing RaleighIn case of an accident, you first need to call the police and emergency services if you need it. Once all that is taken care of you should start setting up a tow for yourself. You always need to make sure you report your accident to the local authorities before anything else, both for your own safety and insurance/legal reasons. If you’re really unlucky you may find yourself stranded in the middle of the road, or even worse in the middle of nowhere. Call for emergency roadside service! 

Give Clear Details

When calling for emergency towing, ensure that you give them clear details to help them quickly locate you and your vehicle. Give every necessary details that can quickly lead them to you!

Be Warned! Keep Off Strangers

In order to keep yourself and your car out of danger, be cautious when you’re offered help from a stranger. As you wait for your towing service to arrive, stay calm and wait patiently. You can ask your family or close friends to keep you company as you wait to get your vehicle towed to your desire location.

Need Help?

Are you looking for emergency towing services? We can help you find the most efficient and reliable roadside services to help you with unlimited recovery at affordable rates you need in case of roadside breakdowns or car accidents.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393.

What Should You Do In a Roadside Emergency?

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