Electric Cars VS Gas Cars

Electric Cars VS Gas Cars

With so much talk and controversy going on now about gas VS electric cars, we figured we’d share some of our insight with y’all! The advancement in technology is slowly earning electric cars more and more of the market share. A lot of people just haven’t been exposed to much good information, so it’s harder to make a good informed purchase. By understanding their differences, you will be able to make the right choice to suit your needs. Times are changing and with many advocating for going green, they are embracing new technology. Below is a comparison of the two types of vehicles.

Performance and Maintenance

When comparing gasoline cars to their electric counterparts, electric vehicles are easier to maintain and they require very little maintenance. Internal combustion engines are high maintenance considering that it comes with several systems that come into contact with emissions and dirt. You truly hardly ever need to even have an electric car checked out, while gasoline powered cars are a lot more sensitive and need to be maintained regularly.

In regards to performance, driving an electric car is more exciting depending on how you look at it. First, it starts up fast and react fast even when in motion. If you are looking for a more responsive car with good torque between these types of vehicles, the electric car comes with greater advantages. No gasoline cars can really compete with the equivalent electric when it comes to sheer torque, acceleration, or overall speed. Electric motors are just far better for all of those things.


Many people are advocating for the reduction of gas-powered vehicles because of the amount of pollution they put out. Electric cars do not produce any tailpipe emissions and getting electricity is a much cleaner and eco-friendly process than fossil fuels. This translates to less pollution in the environment, which is a good thing for all parties involved.

The rechargeable batteries also mean that they do not come with a number of other pollutions such as noise pollution. Gasoline vehicles can be extremely noisy at times, especially when it comes to larger engines. Diesel is the noisiest and while some manufacturers are looking to reduce as much noise from their vehicles, it’ll never be on the same playing field as electric cars already are. In the past they have had to add regulations to make electric vehicles louder because people couldn’t hear them at all and we’re getting run over while crossing the street!

Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of a car refers to the amount of energy your car converts into actual energy to power your wheels. Electric cars batteries are more energy efficient with the ability to convert more than 50 percent of energy into motion. On the other hand, gas powered vehicles can convert about twenty percent of energy into motion.

This aspect goes a long way into making you feel like you are getting much more value to the same amount of energy. It is getting your money’s worth when spending on energy refills.  However, it is important to note that electric cars take more time to “refuel” with some taking hours to fully recharge its battery. Again it all just comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

Travel Distance

Looking at statistics, you can maneuver and pull stunts with your electric car, but you will not cover more distance as compared to gasoline cars. They are designed to act as luxury cars so far and not the heavy-duty long distance type of car. Even the highest end electric cars now can only go 300-350 miles on a charge. That’s by no means something so scoff at

Looking at the benefits and challenges of the two types of vehicles, it is evident that the future is going electric. It has the ability to save the environment, has a better response, and it provides better performance. While they may cost more in the market, they are definitely worth it. It seems that in the very near future electric cars will be the new norm, and that means prices will go down and your options will increase in a reasonable amount of time!

One thing that’s always true regardless of car is you never know when you’re going to get stuck somewhere and need a tow, whether your battery has died or you’ve run out of gas. Unlimited Recovery is here for all of your towing service needs. Contact us now if you need help!

Electric Cars VS Gas Cars

Roadside Emergency – What Do You Do?

What To Do In Case Of A Roadside Emergency

In the event of a roadside breakdown, how prepared are you to keep you and your family safe? When a roadside emergency occurs, especially at wee hours of the morning and you don’t know what to do about it, it is easy for tension and confusion to overwhelm you. But as a keen driver, you should be ready to deal with emergencies at all times. Always be ready for the thing you least expect to happen.

When driving, your car battery may die or you get on a flat tire. These issues are all too common. At times, severe weather or any other emergency could force you off the road. Do not panic when a roadside emergency catches you off-guard. Here’s what you need to do.

Equip Yourself Properly With Safety Gear

There are some essential needs that must always be in your car every time you are driving. A fully functional first aid kit is a must-have thing for your car. You should always carry some water bottles to help quench your thirst, wash oil off your hands or pour into your car radiator in case it overheats. You need a heavy-duty waterproof flashlight to make nighttime car breakdown less terrifying, that’ll give you a massive confidence boost.

Always have a spare tire and tool kit with you to help in case of a tire burst or flat tire. Carry with you some emergency flare, gloves, jumper cables, paper towel and of course some snacks to keep you going before help comes. A lot of people don’t know how to change a tire and there is no excuse for that, you can learn how in literally just a few minutes from one Youtube video.

What You Need To Do In The Event Of A Roadside Breakdown

Roadside tire changeThe first thing you need to do when a roadside emergency occurs is to pull off the road. Do not stop on a dangerous place like on a blind curve. Slow down gradually and put your turn signals or emergency flashers on for other drivers to know you are pulling off. After stopping on the other side of the road, immediately call for help. For towing Raleigh NC, call Unlimited Recovery and you will get help sooner than you expect. Now start checking out your car, check if your radiator is overheating and spray a coolant (or water) to avoid burning.

If the roadside emergency occurred at night or during a bad weather, ensure that your low-beam headlights are on. If your car suddenly stops on an active lane on the highway, put your hazard lights on immediately. Stay inside the car and fasten your belt for your safety in case another car collides with yours. Only exit the vehicle if you can clearly see the oncoming traffic and know that you’re safe. Then, wait behind the guardrails. During winter, ensure that your car windows and doors are locked to maintain ambient warmth of the car and protect yourself from catching hypothermia.

Looking For Towing And Recovery Assistance?

Finding a company that offers 24/7 emergency /roadside assistance is the best thing ever. Knowing that you can count on them offers you a whole new level of security.

If you are stuck in a roadside emergency and you don’t know what to do next, call Unlimited Recovery Now. Our highly experienced team of professionals will arrive on sight within the shortest time possible. Make Unlimited Recovery your partner for your towing in and all around Raleigh NC.

Roadside Emergency – What Do You Do?

Why You Need to Have a Towing Company You Can Call

Why Worry About Having a Tow Truck On Call?

Towing services are essential because they can transport your vehicle home or to a garage if it breaks down and can’t be driven anywhere. First off we highly recommend that you DON’T just try and to tow your car with another car, you could very easily cause severe damage to both, then you’re in need of two trucks! Things can turn south far faster than you may realize. The best thing you can do it call a professional towing and recovery company and wait. Save yourself the time and money and go ahead and call a professional towing and recovery company in today.

The first reason you should not pull your vehicle with another vehicle is that it’s hard to get a good hook up and you need to have super heavy duty chains to avoid breaking. Not being hooked up properly could lead to a runaway car, and if this happens, it can veer off the road and go over an embankment or hit a tree thereby causing more damage. A car moving without a driver is a couple ton wrecking ball, it can cause immense damages. In worse scenario, it can veer into the opposite lane and hit another vehicle or stop dead in the road where someone behind could hit it. Regardless of what COULD happen, you need to avoid the chance of that completely and just have a professional towing company come in.

You Can Easily Cause MORE Damages

Roadside Assistance RaleighA towing service is also essential because you can cause damage to the back end of the vehicle doing the pulling and the front end of the one being towed if they collide together. It is very difficult if not impossible to get two vehicles going together at the same speed, any anything other than that risks great damages. If the engine of the vehicle doing the towing is not large and powerful enough to support the one being towed, you run the risk of putting too much strain on it and this can have detrimental effects on the other car.

You also have to take into consideration that in some areas, towing a vehicle with anything other than the actual tow truck may be illegal. It is considered a dangerous practice which can easily put other drivers in jeopardy. If you are in one of these areas, you run the risk of being ticketed and having to pay a very large fine. Chances are that that fine alone will cost more than a towing service would have to get you safely where you need to go.

Protect Your Vehicle

Using a professional and reputable tow service is crucial because it’s much more safe and also protects your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about any of the possible issues listed above if you do make the right choice to begin with. Towing companies are very experienced and you don’t have to risk any kind of damage. Don’t take the risk, you should get roadside towing service and enjoy the feeling that having peace of mind brings. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ll be taken care of when you need it, and it will save you so many future headaches.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393. We are here to cover you in all of your towing, parking lot enforcement, and emergency recovery services!

Why You Need to Have a Towing Company You Can Call

Why Do You Need to Have An Emergency Towing Service on Call?

Be Ready For Anything With Emergency Towing Services

Unlimited Recovery and Towing car towingIs your car prepared for any weather condition? If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, chances are low that you’re truly ready for anything. You should make sure that the car is serviced regularly and just in case the weather becomes harsh abruptly, you should have a towing and recovery service in Raleigh NC through Unlimited Recovery on call. This read will help you understand why you need to have a towing service on standby.

You need to take all the precautions before starting any journey. Check the pressure and tread of the tires. Make sure that the emergency kit in your car is loaded with the necessary equipment and tools such as the basic first-aid supplies, jumper cables and a high-visibility vest. You should also consider having paper towels, a phone charger, blanket, and water just in case.

  1. Summer: Since the winter seasons is over, make sure that you change your tires to accommodate the summer season to help the vehicle perform better when driven on dry and wet roads. Top up the vehicle fluids such as the windscreen washer fluid and coolant or brake fluid, and make sure that you perform regular oil checks. During the summer, your tires lose a lot of pressure, which affects your fuel economy. You should check the pressure regularly to make sure you’re not getting too low. If your battery is old, make sure it still functions properly. Your battery tends to use more energy and get more general wear over the summer months.
  2. Winter: The conditions are unpredictable so make sure that you are always ready. Switch to the winter tires when required because they offer better grip and traction when dealing with snow and the effects of low temperature. Getting stuck in the snow or ice can be a nightmare!

You could include studded tyres if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions in the winter season. The plastic or metal tyre studs help when maneuvering through the tough conditions and mountainous roads. Take note that the studded tyres are not fit for use during other weather seasons, so you need to stay conscious of that.

Benefits of Having a Towing Service on Standby

  1. Meet deadlines: If your vehicle encounters a problem along the way, you do not have to worry about it, let the towing and recovery in Raleigh, NC do the worrying for you. All you have to do is to call them and the car will be towed away for repair as you go about your business
  2. Maintain the profit margins of your business: The last thing you want to stop you from getting to that job interview or meeting that client is simple car trouble, with roadside assistance you can at lease ensure that you’ll be back on the road in a reasonable amount of time, which could save you in the long run.
  3. Time efficient: It saves a lot of time that would have been spent looking for and calling the nearest towing company when you already know who you’re going to call.
  4. Consistent: Instead of having to research the nearest towing companies that meet your budget, you could simply secure standby services and have a secured cost that can be estimated. A standby service offers financial security to you, you better know what you’re going to get

If you need any towing services at all, from emergency roadside towing to long-haul towing, Unlimited Recovery has got you covered.

Why Do You Need to Have An Emergency Towing Service on Call?

Cold Weather VS Your Car

As It Starts Getting Colder Out, Be Ready For Car Problems

Most of us really enjoy taking trips during the holidays. It’s a time when we travel to reconnect and spend time with family and loved ones from different cities or even states. While you might choose to fly or use other means of transportation, it’s often more convenient to drive the trip.

However, the cold season presents some challenges that could turn your road trip into a nightmare. So, how can you prepare for car problems this Christmas season?

  1. Get Your Car Serviced

Servicing your car is extremely important and this includes ensuring that all elements are working properly from your GPS to your heating system, and snow drive. Some vehicles have features that ensure the car can easily move on snow. Ensure that these are working properly and have back up for the things that could easily need replacement should the weather become too harsh. Think of it as a check up for your car!

  1. Prep an Emergency Kit

None of us enjoy getting into bad situations such as accidents and car breakdowns but these things can and do happen. That is why it is important to have an emergency kit fully equipped and stored somewhere accessible in the car. Some of the key items you should have in your emergency kit include:

  • Flashlight and Spare Batteries for it.
  • A Mobile Phone Fully Charged and a Charger.
  • Detailed Maps of your Route Should your GPS System Fail.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • An Empty Spare Gas Can.
  • Work Gloves That can be Used to Change Tires or Fix the Car in Case it Breaks Down, and to Protect From Cold.
  • Distilled Water for the Battery and Some For The Radiator (if your car uses this type of mechanism).
  • Road Flares.
  • A Gauge That can be Used to Regularly Check the Pressure in Your Wheels.
  • Blankets, Raincoats, and Other Warm Clothing.
  • Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter.
  1. Take Care of Your Insurance

This is especially important if you are renting a vehicle. Find out what the insurance package is on the car and if you need to pay extra so that everything will be covered, just incase. It’s better to pay a little extra upfront than be stuck with a massive repair bill yourself for a car that isn’t even yours!

  1. Subscribe to a Reputable Emergency Roadside Service Company that has a Presence Along the Route You’re Travelling.

Some recovery companies only offer their services in particular locations. Finding one that can reach you anywhere at any time of day or night is imperative if you plan to travel this holiday season. Unlimited Recovery has a variety of emergency services that include but are not limited to jumpstarting, changing tires, and assistance in case of an accident. They are available 24 hours and their team of experienced operators will reach you fast in case of trouble and offer the assistance needed immediately.  We give you the best at the most friendly cost because our interest is ensuring your safety on the road without breaking your bank. If you’re stuck in the Raleigh area, we can definitely come get you as fast as possible.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393 now.

Cold Weather VS Your Car

What DOES A Towing Company Do?

Towing Companies Don’t Just Towsign of a truck towing a car

When you hear the words “towing company”, ideally the first thought that will pop in your mind is a full service experience. But for most of us, we just imagine a car on the back of a tow truck. If it wasn’t your car, then you will probably have an image of a car being towed in your mind. So, what does a towing company actually offer? Your answer will most likely be “towing” and nothing else. However, towing companies have more services to offer besides towing. Unlimited Recovery not only has towing services but also others like emergency repairs, car transport services, and many more. Some of the other things towing companies do include:

Changing Tires

Not a lot of people actually know how to or could change a tire on their own if they Roadside tire change had to. Sad, but true. In other cases, circumstances may hinder you from installing a spare when you experience a flat tire or a blowout. What do you do then? You should call a towing company. Towing companies like Unlimited Recovery can change the tire for you in a jiffy. If you don’t have a spare, they’ll tow your car to the garage of your choice or take you home so you can at least get it figured out there. These professional drivers can also recommend shops depending on your situation, they deal with them all the time after all.

Fuel delivery

Running out of gas on the highway is embarrassing, but it happens sometimes. When it does, there is no need to risk your safety by walking along the side of the road. Simply call a towing company like Unlimited Recovery. The company can either pick you up and take you to a gas station or deliver a small amount of gas to re-fuel your car and find the nearest gas station.

Jump start

What happens when your batteries stall on a late cold night when you’re in the middle of nowhere? What do you then? Extremely cold temperatures lower the capacity of battery to function as they should. This is all too common, and a towing company can get you jump started in no time. Even if you just feel unsafe and don’t want to ask anyone around you, please call and we’ll treat you like an emergency, getting you out of there as fast as we can. Sometimes, the battery may be completely dead due to other reasons besides the cold weather. Not to worry. Towing companies offer new battery delivery services. You’ve always got options, remember that before you start panicking.

Emergency repairs

There are times your car breaks down and you just need emergency repairs to make it to the shop. For example, some parts could have simply come disconnected. In such a situation, it is not necessary to tow your car to the garage. We have a number of experienced mechanics that are also tow truck drivers. They can help with any emergency or minor repairs you may have.

Car transport

You may want to transport your recreational vehicles from one point to another but you don’t know how to, or don’t want to drive it yourself. Towing companies can help you transport your motorcycle or any other vehicle that you need to transport. They can tow or move any kind of vehicle, flatbed trucks are the master of moving vehicles.

Getting stuck

I’m sure we’ve all gotten stuck somewhere, or at least come really close to it. It’s scary, but it truly happens to us all. A tow truck can get you out in no time.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393.

What DOES A Towing Company Do?

Will Having My Car Towed Cause Damage?

Towing Your Car Should NOT Damage ItUnlimited Recovery towing

At some point or another, we’ve all experience or been party to a car breaking down for some unknown reason that we can’t diagnose or fix. In most cases, you end up having to call in a towing service to get you to the next step in your journey. However, many people are skeptical about having their cars towed, believing that it will be damaged worse in the process. Unfortunately, this skepticism is truly baseless and has hindered people from using towing services when they really needed to. As a result, they likely caused further damage to their cars. The good news is that there exist towing companies in Raleigh with very competent operators and new technology. Consequently, the chances of your damage to your car are very minimal if there at all. Beyond bad operator error, you really should expect no damage what so ever. Unlimited Recovery is one of the most competent companies that offers towing services in Raleigh and all around.

The Process Of Towing A Car

Towing companies always advise that a vehicle should not be towed with the parking brake on. Most vehicles will not be able to be towed with the parking brake on. Doing so will generally cause severe damage to the car if it can be towed at all. Make the job easy, go ahead and make sure it’s off before anything gets started.

There are different ways to tow a car, all of which guarantee your car’s safety. The first way is to winch the vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck. Towing companies limit the chances of car damage by shifting the car into neutral brake and releasing the park brake as the car is being winched. Having your car on a flatbed is probably the safest way to transport it anywhere, you have that extra security of being totally off of the ground.

The second towing option is to have two non-driving wheels on the ground. This way, the park brake can be set to off which guarantees that your car will not be damaged regardless of the distance you have to be towed.

The third option is to tow with two driving wheels. This means two-wheel-drive on the ground. In such cases, towing will depend on the transmission. Manual transmissions and two-pump automatic transmissions can be left in neutral. Your car will not give way to damages even for extended towing distances. The situation is quite different for automatic transmissions with one pump. In such a case, the towing should not be done for long distances and should be done at moderately low speeds. Unlimited Recovery has got you covered whether your car has manual or automatic transmissions. Most of us wouldn’t even think of these things, but they are things that very much need to be thought about by someone before your car gets hooked up.

The fourth option is relevant for four-wheel-drives or all-wheel-drives which are towed with any driving wheels on the ground. This process can get complicated and predominantly depends on both the transfer case and transmission design. For some designs, the car is limited to towing for only short distances and at slow speeds. Towing companies will often take the safest approach which is to temporarily remove the rear drive shaft and tow with the rear wheels on the ground. However, companies always look at the owner’s manual to check for the towing procedure recommended by the manufacturer.

Towing does not damage your car unless something goes wrong at some point. Trust that the towing companies around the Raleigh area such as Unlimited Recovery are sufficiently qualified when it comes to towing. Let go of your skepticism and trust the process. And if any damages do occur, your insurance or the towing company should take care of it promptly.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393.

Will Having My Car Towed Cause Damage?

Roadside Problems – Just Call A Pro!

Stuck On The Side Of The Road?!Unlimited Recovery and Towing car towing

Getting stranded on the side of the road because of car problems is a huge pain, even if it be for something as simple as a small hole in your tire or another small issue. Having your car break down on you in the nighttime is a much scarier occurrence, and can cause a lot of stress for the person stranded. This stress can cause you to make decisions that aren’t in your own best interest as you panic about. The fear of the dark and all the unknown that comes with it may cause you to break down and try to fix your car issues on your own accord. If you know what you’re doing, this may not be the worse idea. Other times, trying to fix your car by yourself can cause more issues than you initially had. This is where a quality professional towing service comes in handy. Unlimited Recovery gives you professional assistance when dealing with your car troubles, vastly lowering the chances of your car being more damaged.

Here are a few reasons that you should not try to fix a car on your own unless you KNOW what the issue is and are reasonably sure that you can fix it.

1.) Anything can go wrong

Sometimes, even the most simple car problems such as needing a jump start can go wrong. A mix-up in the negative and positive changes can be very dangerous, and if you’re not sure what you’re doing it’s not worth possible ruining your battery and causing electrical problems for your whole car.

2.) It is expensive

If you decide to fix your car after a breakdown and you are completely unaware of whatRoadside Assistance Raleigh you are doing, you may cause more damage to your car than you initially had. In such an instance, it will cost you more money to fix the car than it would have to get a pro to come out and get you going again.

3.) Injury

Fixing a car problem on your own can cause you bodily injury. Cars are big extremely heavy machines, they can be far more dangerous than we all give them credit for. If you’re alone and under the car, you can end up being pinned there until someone (hopefully) finds you!

4.) Time consuming

Since you are not a mechanic, fixing your car will cost you more time when determining what the exact problem is and how to fix it. Many times what you deem as the problem may not be it and you might end up using a non-applicable solution.

Why Should YOU Use a Professional Towing Service

1.) Professionalism

Emergency towing from Unlimited Recovery is the professional assistance you’re lookingroadside towing service for. They truly know what they are doing and the chances of causing more damage to your car are very negligible. It’s generally going to be cheaper to get a pro to do the repairs rather than doing it yourself just due to the risk of incident!

2.) Cheaper option

A professional roadside assistance visit will cost you less than what you would have paid when you decided to fix your car and instead caused more damage for it.

3.) Reliability

Emergency roadside service is reliable. No matter what time in the night you might haveUnlimited Recovery and Towing towing car trouble, we are always available to help you out. Most towing companies operate for 24 hours a day because they understand that anything can happen at any time. Furthermore, most companies have high low duty tow trucks designed to haul all types of vehicles.

4.) Faster

Professional assistance ensures you’ll be on your way in the shortest amount of time possible. We work hard to ensures that you spend the least time possible on the roadside. We want you to be safe as quickly as possible.

5.) Safety

A roadside breakdown can be embarrassing or frustrating at the same time and a driver can opt to choose the easy way out by fixing the car themselves. However, this choice can prove detrimental to both the driver and the car. Unlimited Recovery is here to solve this problems. Companies such as Unlimited Recovery have a reliable tow truck system to help with all your car breakdown problems. Call them when you need them. They will show up and give you the necessary assistance.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393.

Roadside Problems – Just Call A Pro!

What Should You Do In a Roadside Emergency?

Unlimited Recovery – You’re Stuck In A Roadside Emergency roadside towing serviceSituation, What Do You Do?

No one expects to be stuck in a roadside emergency situation. This can happen any time anywhere no matter how well maintained your car is – though car maintenance is a very important factor. To avoid getting overwhelmed and scared by the experience, you need to know what to do before you experience that flat tire or dead battery that might leave you stranded and put you in danger and you are left with no option but to call for an emergency towing service! 

Carry Safety Gear

Every driver needs to carry a roadside emergency bag to help in case of any emergency situation that may arise. Pack essential items like air pump and jumper cables and be sure you have them at all times. Such gear can help you get your car back on track after a minor accident. You also need to carry stuff to help you stay comfortable when stuck on a cool or warm night. Put at least a blanket, a torch and a bottle of clean water in your roadside emergency bag.

Pull Your Car To The Side Of The RoadUnlimited Recovery and Towing towing

You need to pull over to a safe location then call for an emergency towing. In case of an accident or roadside breakdown, you need to take into consideration the safety of other drivers! If your car can start, pull over to the side of the road. If your car can’t start, call your roadside serviceto help you get to a safer location then start working on your vehicle.

Alert Everyone That You’re Pulled Over

After pulling over to that safe location, you should then make other drivers aware of your presence. You do this by increasing your visibility by setting up your flares or putting on your hazards while you wait.

Call For Emergency Help

Towing RaleighIn case of an accident, you first need to call the police and emergency services if you need it. Once all that is taken care of you should start setting up a tow for yourself. You always need to make sure you report your accident to the local authorities before anything else, both for your own safety and insurance/legal reasons. If you’re really unlucky you may find yourself stranded in the middle of the road, or even worse in the middle of nowhere. Call for emergency roadside service! 

Give Clear Details

When calling for emergency towing, ensure that you give them clear details to help them quickly locate you and your vehicle. Give every necessary details that can quickly lead them to you!

Be Warned! Keep Off Strangers

In order to keep yourself and your car out of danger, be cautious when you’re offered help from a stranger. As you wait for your towing service to arrive, stay calm and wait patiently. You can ask your family or close friends to keep you company as you wait to get your vehicle towed to your desire location.

Need Help?

Are you looking for emergency towing services? We can help you find the most efficient and reliable roadside services to help you with unlimited recovery at affordable rates you need in case of roadside breakdowns or car accidents.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393.

What Should You Do In a Roadside Emergency?

When Could a Towing Service Be Useful To Me

When Could A Towing Service Be Useful To Me?

roadside towing serviceMost of us think that the only time we might ever need towing services is if we get into a car accident. This is definitely one of the reasons you may need emergency roadside services, but there are many other instances where towing services are necessary.

  1. Flat Tire

A good number of us have spare tires in our cars and we can easily change a flat tire. However, you might find yourself in the position of having used your spare and popping that. It might come time to call a towing service to help you out!

Or you might not be in a safe place to change the tire on your own, or perhaps you’re heading to an important engagement and cannot afford to mess up your clothes with dirt. There are so many reasons why you might need a towing service to help you out with your flat tire.

  1. Car breakdown

Cars break down all the time and usually at the worst time. Your car might be suffering an issue that is not known to you and lets out in the middle of the way. In such a case, it is best to contact a towing service because they can move your car to the mechanic and/or even fix the vehicle for you.

  1. Out of gas

Out of gasHave you ever heard of fuel gauges malfunctioning? Well, they do. You might think you have enough fuel to get you to your destination only for your car to shut off midway. Or you might just have forgotten to fuel. It’s embarrassing but it happens. Luckily, a towing service can rescue you by delivering fuel to your location at any time of night or day.

  1. Locked out

People lock their keys in the car all the time. It can happen to anyone. Regardless of how the car keys got locked in the car, the last thing you should do is allow yourself to panic. The most convenient and fastest way to have your car unlocked is by calling a tow truck service that is closest to you. Two company professionals have the right tools to get your car unlocked without causing any damage to it. Most of them use inflatable devices to open one door or blood pressure cuffs which are strong enough to handle pressure without splitting.

  1. Stuck in bad weather

Bad weather damages the road and this can hinder your car’s ability to move. If you are driving in a weathered road after heavy rain, for instance, chances of being stuck are high. The fastest and safest way to get you out of such a huddle is by contracting the services of a tow truck.

If you ever find yourself in need of a towing service in the Raleigh North Carolina area, contact Unlimited Recovery. The company has been offering towing services for many years and they have built a reputation as being among the best in the business. Their services are affordable and offer their services round the clock.

When you need a tow truck call Unlimited Recovery at 919-790-9393.

When Could a Towing Service Be Useful To Me